If you are a Delphi developer as Helpinator author is, you can buy a Helpinator LIFETIME License with 20% off.

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Helpinator LIFETIME Updates and Support 299 239

Major Mind Software has two help systems that fully integrate into your Delphi code as other help systems like HTML Help. The first one is MajorMindHelp that is a versatile help viewer that allows to not just dislay it's own HTML-based help format but also to turn any HTML-based output into a context-sensitive help system. So you can use WebHelp published on your site or a Knowledge Base, or a Wordpress site as a context-sensitive help.

Another help systems is a lightweight, non-HTML portable help system called LiteHelp. It is not as versatile as HTML but supports all Helpinator content items: figures, code snippets, videos, step-by-step guides, FAQs, quizzes and glossary.

We provide a Delphi integration unit for both systems, check out "Downloads" page for links.

More about Delphi help systems from Major Mind Software: