Version 3.9: Batch Compilation

New version introduces new “Compile All” command, now called “Batch compile”. In previous version you were able to compile only one version of target file at a time. Now you can compile different variations of the same format (or all formats if you prefer). For example you can compile CHM files for all supported languages […]

Version 3.9: EPUB and MOBI

EPUB and MOBI are one of the most popular eBook formats. Now you can crate documentation in both of this formats using Helpinator.     Helpinator created EPUBs internally, but to compile MOBI you will need KindleGen utility from Amazon: Download and install it then update Helpinator options (Main Menu->Tools->Options, “Compilers” tab).   Now […]

Version 3.9: QtHelp

Version 3.9 introduces support of QtHelp format. QtHelp is a help system built-in in Qt library, a cross-platform framework used by a lot of developers around the globe. QtHelp has very thoughtful design with help file collections, good HTML support and all essential features of modern help system and has detailed documentation. To learn more […]

Version 3.9: JavaHelp

From version 3.9 Helpinator supports JavaHelp output format. JavaHelp is a native file format (html and xml files packed as JAR file) and a set of tools that allow you to use JavaHelp in desktop and web applications written using Java. You can learn more about this format from it’s webpage:   To compile […]

Helpinator 3.8.2

In this update: – Added text field to add custom tags to the HEAD section of WebHelp’s index.html – Added PDF setting to control PDF Viewer default window layout – Added option to export Anchors as subtopics – bugfixes

Helpinator 3.8.1

– Added editor context menu commands “Add to library” and “Open editor” for easier image handling – “Insert snippet” command is now capable of inserting parameterized text snippets – Added option to disable Javascript topic redirects in WebHelp – bugfixes