Productivity Tools For Technical Writers Part 4

1. To-do list Helpinator allows to add to-do tasks to topics. You can add a task inside a topic editor and review them later in the global project to-do list. 2. Check links “Check links” tool allows to check all topics for broken links. 3. Global Spellcheck Global spellcheck is a kind of Quality Assurance […]

Productivity Tools For Technical Writers Part 3

1. Paste code snippet Code snippets like figures are a dedicated content item in Helpinator. We made it that way to apply syntax highlight and also because in some of the outputs (Leanpub, DITA for example) code snippets must be marked correspondingly. You can paste code snippets right into the topic editor using a dedicated […]

Productivity Tools For Technical Writers Part 2

1. Cloned images Helpinator allows to add callouts to screenshots/figures. Sometimes the screenshot is not that big, but the callouts are large or are in numbers. Another but similar situation is when you need to eplain different tasks based on the same screenshot. In both cases you have to double the image but it is […]

Productivity Tools For Technical Writers Part 1

Helpinator is not a big player like Help&Manual or RoboHelp or Madcap Flare, it’s a tiny tool compared to them, so right from the start it was focused on handy features that solve one specific problem at a time. And a time spent on repetetive tasks while maintainig a documentation project is the problem that […]