Java Help Systems Supported By Helpinator

As of version 3.10 Helpinator supports the following Java-oriented help systems: OracleHelp, JavaHelp HelpGUI   1. OracleHelp The most powerful and well-thought help system for Java created by Oracle Corporation. Has two “branches”: OracleHelp for Java and OracleHelp for Web. New versions come out regularly. Blog post about OracleHelp: 2. JavaHelp Original Java help […]

Version 3.9: JavaHelp

From version 3.9 Helpinator supports JavaHelp output format. JavaHelp is a native file format (html and xml files packed as JAR file) and a set of tools that allow you to use JavaHelp in desktop and web applications written using Java. You can learn more about this format from it’s webpage:   To compile […]