Helpinator 3.20

Added: New LeanPub output Added: New ASCIIDoc output Added: New DITA output Added: New DocBook output Added: WordPress plugin to publish faster Added: 2 new WordPress themes Added: Option to create MajorMindHelp wrappers around any HTML-based output Added: New LiteHelp output Added: Own help system moved to LiteHelp Added: LiteHelpViewer.exe included into the installer (you […]


EPUB and MOBI are very popular e-book formats for handheld devices. Helpinator creates EPUB files directly, but to compile documentation in MOBI format you will need Amazon’s KindleGen command line tool and Kindle Previewer to see how your documentation will look like on Kindle. To download KindleGen click here: To download Kindle Previewer click […]


QtHelp is Qt’s own help file format provided via Qt assistant. Helpinator creates all necessary project files and calls QtHelp compiler. But you need to install Qt SDK and then go to Main Menu->Tools->Options, select “Compilers” tab and enter path to the one of available desktop BIN folders (the one with qcollectiongenerator.exe)


JavaHelp is Java native cross-platform help system that can be deployed with desktop and web applications. Helpinator handles all project xml and html files creation but requires JDK and JavaHelp SDK to compile resulting .jar file. To obtain JavaHelp SDK visit this page: Once you have JDK and JavaHelp SDK on your machine, select […]

Upgrading Your PDF/RTF Templates

By default when PDF/RTF template contains 3 pages Helpinator omits “Glossary” and “Index” sections in PDF/RTF/Printed Manual output. To enable it you should upgrade your PDF/RTF/Template.   If you are using “default.rtf” without any changes: 1. Select “PDF/RTF Templates” node in the project tree view. 2. Select “default.rtf” 3. Click “Rename”. 4. Rename it to […]