Helpinator 3.2.1

Fixed: topic ID change problem copy/paste from other applications problem with CHM encoding when compiling with locale different from system default locale. Note that compiling CHM with locale different from system default locale requires admin privileges.

How to use “Global Spellcheck” tool

  With “Global Spellcheck” tool you can spellcheck all topics in your project at once. First click “Options” and check that correct dictionaries are selected. Then click “Run” and wait for the process to finish. When it’s done the table will show you misspelled words, what topics are they in and suggestions for each word. […]

How to use “Screenshots” tool

  With “Screenshots” tool you can capture active windows and store captured images to the project’s Image Library. You have the following options: – “File name format”. Here you can specify naming rule for captured images. You can use several predefined placeholders: Name Description WINCAP Caption of the captured window EXT Extension of the image […]

How to use “Context IDs” tool

With “Context IDs” tool you can view and edit all Context IDs assigned to topics in your project. When you edit Context ID value in the corresponding column changes automatically propagate to topic itself. Now you don’t need to browse through topics when you need to change all or several Context IDs and once. Note […]

Helpinator 3.2

In this new version: – New “Tools” node in the project tree view. All project tools will be under this node. – 3 new tools – “Context IDs”, “Screenshot”and “Global Spellcheck”. Context IDs – allows you to alter context ID’s of all topics in the project. Screenshot – this is a basic screenshot tool capable […]