Helpinator + DITA Tutorial

DITA (stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a mature xml-based documentation authoring standard. You can read more about it on Wikipedia: and it’s website: Helpinator allows to create DITA project from your project content with a single mouse click. This allows to use Helpinator for writing new technical content in any documentation […]

Version 3.21: Introducing WebHelp-Bootstrap

For a long time JQueryUI and it’s add-on components were the foundation of WebHelp output, generated by Helpinator. But times are changing, JQueryUI is not a major framework no more, and UX expectations of web-based documentation changed dramatically, now there’s no need to mimick CHM help with web components. Because of this we decided to […]

Publishing GitHub Pages from Helpinator

GitHub has a nice feature called “GitHub Pages” that allows you to create a nice looking static website from markdown files in your repository. Helpinator allows to generate required markdown files so you can publish your project end user documentation using GitHub pages in a matter of seconds. In this tutorial we will create and […] (reStructuredText) and Helpinator is a cool service for delivering your online documentation to end users. It is based on reStructuredText, a plain text markup language that have a lot in common with Markdown. But, instead of learning yet another markup language to use the power of ReadTheDocs, you can just export all required files in reStructuredText format […]

Knowledge Base for Context-Sensitive Help

Check out this post to know how to generate a static HTML knowledge base for your website that consists of step-by-step guides. Let’s consider we already put this knowledge base to our website, you can see it here: Now we can turn this knowledge base into a context-sensitive help file using MajorMindHelp and “Generate […]

How to Create a Knowledge Base With Step-By-Step Guides

In this tutorial we will cover two interesting features of Helpinator at once. The first one is called “Step-by-step guides“. It allows to define a sequence of actions or slides, each with a screenshot (optionally annotated) and text comment. You can then embed guides into topics and Helpinator will render them into output format accordingly […]

Recommended Reading

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Productivity Tools For Technical Writers Part 4

1. To-do list Helpinator allows to add to-do tasks to topics. You can add a task inside a topic editor and review them later in the global project to-do list. 2. Check links “Check links” tool allows to check all topics for broken links. 3. Global Spellcheck Global spellcheck is a kind of Quality Assurance […]