Version 3.21: Introducing WebHelp-Bootstrap

For a long time JQueryUI and it’s add-on components were the foundation of WebHelp output, generated by Helpinator. But times are changing, JQueryUI is not a major framework no more, and UX expectations of web-based documentation changed dramatically, now there’s no need to mimick CHM help with web components. Because of this we decided to add a new output – WebHelp-Bootstrap. It’s a web help system based purely on Bootstrap framework so if your project is built on Bootstrap your documentation generated with Helpinator will match dev stack used by the project or website and you do not need to add unnecessary dependencies.

Helpinator’s own WebHelp from this moment runs on it too:

WebHelp 2 is now renamed to “WebHelp-JQuery UI” so webhelp output names now match the framework used.

To compile WebHelp-Bootstrap:

  • click “B” icon on the main toolbar
  • or Main Menu->Tools->Compile WebHelp->WebHelp-Bootstrap
  • or add “WebHelp-Bootstrap” to the batch.

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