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  1. We are using your trial version and absolutely love it. The one important thing we need your product to do is to display embedded videos. We have embedded, per your instructions, a YouTube video that we know is a public video. When we publish as HTML and open the page the video is supposed to display in, we get a blank page. We are ready to purchase, but if this can’t be made to work we will not make the investment. Please help!!!!

    1. Hello!

      There’s a little trick – by default YouTube embed code goes without “http:” or “https:” prefix of the src attribute, so it plays only when opened from a website and does not play locally. Just put that prefix before “//www.youtube.com” and it will work OK.

  2. I have two weeks ago run a test of your product and have at that time problems with compiling CHM. I have to go via HTML Help Workshop.
    Now I have installed on my computer a new Windows 8.1 and your software to see if it works before I order.
    I have still the same problems, it will not produce a correct CHM file, it only give me the index, but no text and picture is showing in the file. I have tried using HTML Help Workshop but the same result.
    Is it legal to run the file from a network drive?
    Best regards
    Hans Jorgen

    1. Hello!
      No, Windows security system blocks CHM files by default if they originate from network or Internet. You need to unblock it first. Right-click on the file, select “Properties” then click “Unblock” button.

  3. Hello, I have been trying your software for almost two weeks now, I was wondering is there a way to generate the pdf file in Landscape format?

    1. Hello!
      Please select root node of the project tree, “General” tab, click “PDF/Print settings”, then select “Page” tab, select “Landscape” from “Orientation” drop-down list. Note that you’ll need to redesign cover page of PDF template, by default it is for portrait orientation.

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