How to use “REimport” feature

Version 3.11.4 introduces new feature called “REimport”. What is it for?

Let’s consider this scenario  – you start your help project by importing html/rtf/txt files that you already have as documentation, do some alterations, formatting, screenshots, etc and all over sudden source documents change and you have two options – copy/paste them manually or import all documents and start your help project from scratch. Sad.

But not any more. Now you can selectively import changed documents into existing topics.

First, scroll the project tree down to the “Tools” node and select “REimport” sub node.



If your documents were imported with version 3.11.4 and above, “File name” and “Path” columns should be filled with paths of source documents. In our case we have old project with blank columns. Helpinator will remember selected file names for future use.

First of all check topics to import with check boxes in the first column. Then select file names to import – double click the cell next to the topic title and select file name in the dialog that appears.

When everything is set and done click “Run” button on the toolbar below “REimport” title.

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