How to adapt existing RTF/PDF/Print templates to new topic title styles

Version 3.11.3 allows you to define different styles for topic titles according to their levels in the topic tree. Say, you want to have topic titles of level 1 in bold, level 2 in italic and level 3 underlined – now all that is possible.

Old versions allow only one style, it is defined by formatting of pseudotag {%TITLE%}. That should continue to work, but if you want to use new feature of topic title styles you need to upgrade your template. However it is very easy to do. The overall idea remains the same, but pseudotags are now numbered to reflect levels. E.g. {%TITLE1%} for the first level, {%TITLE2%} for the second and so on. You can create a new blank project with version 3.11.3 and open “default.rtf” node to see how it is done. The image below shows how it should look like (you can set your own styles of course).


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