Java Help Systems Supported By Helpinator

As of version 3.10 Helpinator supports the following Java-oriented help systems:

  1. OracleHelp,
  2. JavaHelp
  3. HelpGUI


1. OracleHelp

The most powerful and well-thought help system for Java created by Oracle Corporation. Has two “branches”: OracleHelp for Java and OracleHelp for Web. New versions come out regularly.

Blog post about OracleHelp:

2. JavaHelp

Original Java help system. Outdated and is not under active development.

Blog post about JavaHelp:

3. HelpGUI

A lightweight help system with a limited set of features.

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  1. Hi. I just ran into a pretty serious and obnoxious bug, hopefully it’s an easy fix? 🙂 I am using screenshots that have an alpha channel. If I open up the image and look at it in Helpinator, even if I don’t edit anything, it seems to sometimes lose the alpha channel and give me back a black background. Have a good day 🙂 -James

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