Version 3.10: OracleHelp

Version 3.10 adds new output format: OracleHelp. This format and help system is maintained by Oracle. It has two “modes”

1. OracleHelp for Java – for use with Java applications

2. OracleHelp for Web – for use as a WebHelp.


Using Helpinator you can create source data for both “modes”. It creates “books” for all languages in the project and OracleHelp for Web configuration file.

Also Helpinator creates “launcher.cmd” file for easy testing of your help system.

You can read more about OracleHelp here:


How to compile OracleHelp:

1. Download and install JDK:

2. Download and install OracleHelp

3. Set Helpinator options (Main Menu->Tools->Options, “Compilers” tab)



4. Now you can click “Compile OracleHelp” on the main tool bar.



Compiled OracleHelp looks like this:



3 replies on “Version 3.10: OracleHelp”

  1. Any chance of adding an Undo feature? I was very surprised while trialing Helpinator that it doesn’t have Undo throughout.

    1. James,
      actually there’s Undo feature in all text editors (topic editor, text snippets, RTF templates, code snippets, glossary) – available via Ctrl-Z shortcut and Undo command on the editor toolbar.
      OR do you mean global Undo for any operation like “Add image to the library” and etc.?

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