How To Add Templates for New Formats to Existing Projects

By default projects creates with earlier versions of Helpinator has empty fields for the new formats and no specialized templates in them (For EPUB, MOBI and JavaHelp for example). So you need to add them manually.

First of all select “HTML-based templates” node in the project tree view and click “+” sign. “Add Template” dialog appears.

Add Template


Note the list of compatible formats under the “Built-in” templates drop-down list. When you select a template it shows what formats you can compile using it. Say, we need to add a template for EPUB format, so we select “epubmobi-default” template and click “OK”. Helpinator adds this template to the list of available templates.

Now you can select this template in the project options, “Templates” tab.

Helpinator 3.9 - Untitled (Unregistered)