Version 3.9: More WebHelp Options

Version 3.9 introduces several new options for WebHelp generation. Their aim is to provide more compatibility with browsers and security settings. First of all, now there are two additional “Modes” besides old “With Frames”:

  1. Frameless. In this mode Helpinator generates a set of HTML files and index.html with TOC. There will be no frames and left-hand menu.
  2. Single page. In this mode Helpinator generates single HTML page with all topics in it and TOC at the top.

All three available modes (“With Frames”, “Frameless”, “Single Page”) have additional switch “Plain HTML (No Scripts)”. This switch disables all system JavaScripts (like Jquery, Syntax highlighter, Google Analytics and etc.) and plain HTML is used instead for syntax highlighter and step-by-step-guides.

Toolbar button “WebHelp” function remain the same – “With frames” and Scripts turned on. To alter WebHelp mode you have to use new “Batch Compile” function.