You might know that Delphi XE2 comes with a new framework for cross-platform rich graphics applications called Firemonkey. There were a couple of Firemonkey-related  contests already that focused on useful business applications and… we think that was booooring.

So here’s the idea. Remember how demoscene squeezed 200% out of 8-bit computers? Well, let’s squeeze 200% out of Firemonkey. Let’s create demo apps that will make people say “Wow!!!” and hold their breath.  And we’ll tell the rest of the world that Delphi is still alive and kicking ass.

How to participate:

1. Create an absolutely insane and visually stunning Firemonkey app. It doesn’t have to do anything meaningful, but no problem if it does 🙂

2. Take 3-5 screenshots and optionally record demo video; post it to Flickr and YouTube respectively with “firemonkey contest” tags.

3. Upload source code and binaries as one zip archive to one of the file sharing services

4. Compile a small text presentation with links from steps 2 and 3, and send it to

We’ll post it in this blog under “Delphi Contest” category. Then you tell everybody you know to vote for your app in that post. The one that gets the biggest number of “Likes”, retweets and “+1” (combined), wins.

Prize includes:

– Helpinator Professional life-time license

– 100USD Amazon gift certificate

– Fame and respect 🙂

We accept new participants until 1st of August. We’ll announce results on August 10th.

Good luck, and please share this post with other Delphi devs you know 🙂

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  1. This is not possible, Embarcadero needs to fix A LOT OF bugs on FireMonkey before anyone became able to develop something.

  2. Bom Caros amigos O Delphi está cada vez melhor estão de parabéns eu inclusive estou fazendo um book com as novidades do Delphi e conforme vou aprendendo com FireMonkey vou postar para todos inclusive estou fazendo uns aplicativos para iphone e assim que estiver concluído vamos crescer cada vez mais ainda mais quando tiver um book do Delphi XE2 agradeço a todos por acreditar no Delphi como eu só tenho que agradecer Embarcadero por dar essa continuidade e o David I que está desde o começo do Delphi mais uma Vez Muito Obrigado.

  3. ” Create an absolutely insane and visually stunning Firemonkey app”

    and the prizes are

    Helpinator Professional life-time license
    100USD Amazon gift certificate
    Fame and respect

    hmmm…. the prizes are insane.

  4. Well, you got my attention. And I’m fed up with everyone trying to show off the “flashiness” of FireMonkey’s graphics.

    Instead, I’d like to see someone show us how to take a mature Delphi 2009 application that has all the bells and whistles, and convert it so it will work in Firemonkey and on all the platforms Firemonkey will support.

    This means the install procedure, integrated context-sensitive help file, web update, ribbon, 3rd-party tree/gridview, 3rd-party WYSIWYG editor, keyboard shortcuts, file search routine, message handling, idle event handling, etc., need to all work on all platforms.

    This is the task I’m faced with. I don’t care about contests for cool looking but useless apps.

    How about at least telling me if Helpinator will provide context-sensitive help from a FireMonkey app compiled for Win32, Win64, Mac, iOS, and soon Android and Unix. Personally, I don’t know anything about Help files on non-Windows platforms, but if I am to convert to FireMonkey, I’ll need a help system that works with it.

    1. I quess we’ll have to wait for someone to create a kind of universal VCL wrapper that will mock standard/GDI win drawing/API calls/etc and render it using Firemonkey. I suppose there will be no advantage over existing win emulators for other platforms.

      As for Helpinator – the best choice for cross-platform apps is WebHelp format.

  5. Very disappointing – excellent idea! I would love to have seen what people were doing and achieving with Firemonkey.

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