Helpinator 3.2

In this new version:

– New “Tools” node in the project tree view. All project tools will be under this node.

– 3 new tools – “Context IDs”, “Screenshot”and “Global Spellcheck”.

Context IDs – allows you to alter context ID’s of all topics in the project.

Screenshot – this is a basic screenshot tool capable of capturing active window with part of it’s background, applying effects to background (like Blur or Pixelate) and “Drop shadow” effect. It stores captured images to the Image Library where you can edit them and add annotations. Also you can automatically create topics with captured image or append image to existing topic.

Global Spellcheck – with this tool you can check spelling in all topics of the project. The tool will show all misspelled words along with a list of suggestions.

– Spellchecker options added – now you can select which dictionaries to use.

– New dictionaries added – “Afrikaans”, “Bulgarian”, “Polish”, “Swedish”.

– Some speed improvements and bug fixes.