Helpinator 3.1 released

What’s new in this release:

1. New storage formats:
– single file, zip-compatible: *.hpz
– folder storage, project has many files stored in one folder – good for CVS
All data is now in plain XML format.

2. Global named styles. Now you can define formatting and use it in many topics.

3. Better HTML output. More compact CSS file and new Web help interface with “Index” and “Search” tabs.

4. Faster and better PDF output. Now Helpinator generates PDF files with hyperlinks – to other topics and sites. Table of Contents now consists of links too.

5. Cloned images. Now library image can be a “clone” of another library image. Cloned images share the same background. This is extremely useful when you need to add different annotations to the same basic screenshot.

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    1. Yes, you need to convert old project to H3 format using “Convert to H3 project” utility in program start menu (or ConvertToH3.exe in the same folder with Helpinator.exe).

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