Helpinator has several built-in accompanying tools to make your help authoring process less frustrating. All of them are under "Tools" node of the project tree view.

Currently Helpinator has the following tools:

  1. Search and Replace. Allows you to find and replace text string in all topics of your project.
  2. Context IDs. Allows to edit all topic Context IDs in one place.
  3. Screenshots. Allows to take screenshots, apply effects and store them to the project's image library.
  4. Global Spellcheck. Check spelling in all topics of your project.
  5. Image Tools. Group of tools for image processing.
  6. Check Links - to find broken internal and external links.
  7. REImport - if a topic was imported from a file, you can import it again if an external file was changed.
  8. WordPress Theme Builder - helps you to create a specialized software documentation theme for WordPress.
  9. GIF Screen Recorder - allows to record short animated GIFs instead of static screenshots.