Version 3.5:

- Added option to create styles for shapes and tables

- Added "Step by step guides"

- Reworked style editor

- Added new default CHM/Web help template with navigation buttons

Version 3.4.1:

- Fixed: reading additional template files in VCS-friendly mode

- Fixed: "export images" command when no active row in the list of limages

Version 3.4:

- Added: now you can store additional files inside CHM/Web Help templates

- Added: auto-number topics on output 

- Updated help

+ Bugfixes

Version 3.3:

- Added: categories in image library

- Added: screenshot REcapture

- Added: "skip topic" flags

- Added: Web Help header and footer

- Added: Language strings

- Added: option to disable project checkup before compile

- Changed "Image library" and "Topic List" interfaces, button layouts in other lists

- Bugfixes

Version 3.2.3:

- Fixed: problem with library images inside table cells

- Fixed: deleted topics remained in output until save/open operation

Version 3.2.2:

- Added: smart indent like in MS Word

- Fixed: duplicate files of embedded images in Web Help

- Fixed: keywords order in Web Help

Version 3.2.1:

- Fixed changing topic ID

- Fixed copy/paste from other applications

- Fixed compilation of CHM files with locale different from system default locale

Version 3.2:

- New "Tools" node in the project tree view

- 3 new tools: "Context ID Editor", "Screenshot" and "Global Spellcheck"

- Spellchecker options

- New spellchecker dictionaries

- Speed improvements

- Several bugfixes

Version 3.1.1:

- Fixed error in PDF output (thank you, Predrag!)

- Fixed error with "system" symbols in keyword files in Web help (thank you, Hermann!)

- Increased topic load speed (thank you, Lee!)

- Fixed XML Import/Export errors.

Version 3.1:

- Links and actionable TOC in PDF files

- Better unicode support

- Cross-project styles with editor

- Better CSS support in HTML-based documentation

- CVS-friendly storage mode where every project item is in separate file.

- Cloned images - library images that share the same background.

Version 2.3:

Built-in reports help you to manage help authoring projects better.

Project verification before compilation.

- New Compile Log window with HTML formatting.

Version 2.0:

Multiple Languages in one project file.

Conditional compilation and Variable presets

Image Editor with shapes

- Library images now can be shown in full size inside topic editor

Template Builder

To-Do for project and individual topics.

Import and Export RTF and HTML files with project structure.

- Header and Footer for PDF output.

- PDF outline corresponding to topic structure

- Page numbers in Table of Contents in PDF documents.