There are six tabs with topic properties:

1. General

2. ToDo

3. Notes

4. HTML Template

5. Anchors

6. Skip topic


Topic name - title of this topic

ID - topic id

Context ID - numeric context id to associate with topic id.

Keywords - comma-separated list of keywords.


At this tab you can assign to-do items to the current topic. Each to-do items consists of Text, Priority and Progress. To watch all to-do items in all topics select "Tasks" node in the project tree view.


Note is just plain text. You can write your future plans on this topic or any other free-form information.

HTML Template

On this tab you can select what template to use for this topic on CHM and HTML compilation. You can use project default template for selected language or specific template for this topic.


This tab contains a list of all anchors in this topic. You can remove them and change name/context ID of each anchor.

Skip Topic

Here you can select how Helpinator should skip this topic from output depending on different conditions. You can choose to skip topic based on TRUE/FALSE condition, current output format and to always skip topic.

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