With global named text styles you can achieve two main goals:

1. Standardize documentation looks - all topics will be formatted in the common way.

2. Reduce CSS file size for HTML driven documentation. 

3. Use the same table formatting for all tables

4. Use the same color scheme for all shapes if you add annotations to images in the image library.

Named styles are located under "Styles" node in the project tree view. 

There are 4 types of styles in Helpinator:

  1. Text styles

To apply named style to a block of text - select it in the editor, then right click on it, select "Apply Text Style" from context menu and select named style.

When you change properties of a named style changes will be reflected in all topics/snippets that use this style.

  1. Paragraph styles

  1. Table styles

You can select table style when adding new table in the topic editor.

  1. Shape styles

You can select shape style in the image editor and it will be applied to all new shapes added:

Or you can change shape style from the shape properties dialog (double-click on the shape).