Built-in reports help you to keep your project in good shape. At this moment you can run the following reports:

1. Topic titles and IDs.

Useful when you need to send info about IDs assigned to topics to someone else, software developer for example. Now you don't have to recover all assigned context ids by hand. Just run this report and save it it to file or print.

2. Empty Topics.

Sometimes some topics remain empty - you have created project structure and forgot to write all texts. This report can help you to easily find topics that you missed.

3. Tasks By Topics.

Helpinator's task management is useful but sometimes you need not only to view them but print out to send to your project leader or another help author. Run this report and you will have a list of all tasks with titles of topics they are assigned to.

4. Project Stats.

This report shows different project statistics like number of words and characters. Useful for freelancers because it helps you to track financial issues.

5. Topic Structure.

Sometimes brainstorming goes better with printed documents, not those on screen. When deciding project structure - run this report to have topic structure in easy-to-print format.

Note that we will add more reports in the future. Contact support if you need specific report.