Project stores all the data you need to compile documentation:

1. Topics in hierarchical order with separate text for different languages.

2. Templates. Both HTML and RTF are stored inside project file. You can use different templates for different languages.

3. Library Images.

4. Text snippets.

5. Variables. 

Project Title - Title of this help file to show at the window caption.

Default Topic - topic to open by default when help file is opened without context id.

Default Font - default font for the contents window.

Language - default project language.

CHM/Web Help Template - template to assign to newly added topics within selected language. 

PDF/RTF Template - RTF Template to use for PDF and RTF generation within selected language.

Auto Context ID - auto generate context ids for new topics.

Auto Index - Auto generate help file index based on keywords you enter into the "Keywords" node of the project tree.

Auto number topics - automatically adds topic number in front of it's title when compiling help. 

PDF Settings - Click this to open "PDF settings dialog".

Variables - Variables to use in your topics and templates. To put this variable into topic or template write "{%yourvariable%}" where yourvariable is the name of the variable.

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