Click "PDF" button on the toolbar or select "Tools->Compile PDF".

Helpinator creates PDF file with the same file name as your project and in the same directory.

You can change some aspects of PDF generation using PDF Settings dialog. You can call it by pressing "PDF Settings..." button in the project options window.

PDF Options.

General Tab:

Author - author of this document.

Version - version of this document.

Subject - subject of this document.

Keywords - keywords, associated with this document.

Compression - select compression level.

Resolution - target document resolution, dot per inch.

Auto URL - auto translate to urls text like ""

Emulate Standard Font - If the property is set to ON, "Arial", "Courier New" and "Times New Roman" will be emulated via standard PDF fonts.

EMF Image as JPEG - convert metafiles to JPEG.

One Pass - slower generation, requires less memory.

Page Tab:

Left Margin, Top Margin, Right Margin, Bottom Margins - page margins in inches.

Page Layout - determines pages of the document is rendered when opened.

Orientation - page orientation - portrait/landscape.

Page Mode - how the document looks when opened in a viewer application.

Paper Size - printer size of the paper.


Check "Enable Protection" to protect document.

Key Length - encryption key length.

Owner Password - password to allow document editing.

User Password - password to view document.

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