Generally Helpinator has the following main entities:

  1. Project - contains all the required data to compile help file. Project has default templates, named text and paragraph styles for all images, and variables.
  2. Languages - project can contain several languages. Each topic can have title, text and keywords in each of the project languages. 
  3. Topics - this is the content of the help project. You can use library images, text snippets and named styles to format topics.
  4. Images - it is recommended to use image library instead of embedded images. This reduces file size, allows you to reuse images, use image editor and screenshot capture, update screenshots easily when GUI of your application changes.
  5. Text snippets - especially useful if your project has a lot of commonly formatted blocks of text like "Warning", "Note" and etc.
  6. Templates - Helpinator has several built-in templates for CHM/Web Help and PDF/RTF, but you can easily create your own even without knowing anything about HTML.
  7. Step-by-step guides. Helpinator allows to create step-by-step guides or tutorials from images in the project image library. Each step has a title, image and textual descriptions. At compile time Guide transforms into JavaScript slideshow in the case of CHM/Web Help and a series of numbered images with descriptions in the case of PDF/RTF/Printed manual.