Helpinator can import and export several document formats.

There are two ways to import documents:

1. Using "Convert to Helpinator 3 Project" utility from program's start menu. This feature is most suitable if you need to start new Helpinator project. You can import:

1. Old Helpinator 2.X projects

2. Microsoft HTML Help projects

3. CHM files (will be decompiled)

4. HTML/RTF/TXT/DOC files.

Note that you need installed Microsoft Word to import DOC files.

2. Using "Import files" command from "File" main menu. This feature allows to add new topics from files to existing Helpinator project. You can import HTML/RTF/TXT/DOC files just like in the previous case.

Export/Import XML.

This feature is mostly for interaction with translation services. Just select folder to extract files to and click "OK". When translation is done you can import files back to selected language, texts will be imported to the same topics but for different language.