Images in Helpinator are divided into 2 categories:

1. In-topic images. This images are inserted into WYSIWYG editor and belong to only one topic. To place this image into another topic you need to create another copy of it in that topic. This images are considered hard to change since you need to browse through all the topics when something in your program's interface changes.

2. Images that are stored under "Images" node of the project. These images do not belong to any topic and thus can be shared by several of them. To use a shared image inside a topic you need to place a pseudo-tag like this:

{%IMG yourimage.ext%}

where yourimage.ext is a full name of the shared image with extension. During the compilation phase this pseudo-tag would be replaced by the corresponding image. Alternatively you can insert library image without pseudo-tags using topic editor context menu and it will look like in-topic image except that it will have a small description at the top.

Shared images are easy to change. If you need to change an image you don't have to browse through topics to find it's occurrences. Just replace it under "Images" node of the project.

Also you can use Image Editor tool to add text boxes and arrows.

Cloned Images

Library images can also be cloned. That means "cloned" image share common background with it's "donor" image. This is especially useful when you need to have several different images with different annotations all dancing around the same application window. Once application window changes you normally need to update a bunch of images. But with "cloned" images you only need to update one "donor" image and all "clones" will be updated automatically.

Image categories

You can assign "Category" to every image in the library to navigate them easily.

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