With Helpinator you are able not only able to generate help files in variety of formats and languages. You can have as many different structures of content as you wish. This can be done using "Conditional Compilation".

Generally Conditional Compilation consists of two parts.

1. Topic inclusion conditions. Every topic has "Condition" property. At compile time Helpinator evaluates expression in this property and if result is "False" then this topic is skipped.

2. Conditional directives inside topic content. You can use directives with expressions to skip parts of content at compile time. There are two conditional directives at the moment:


Note that at this moment directives can not be nested.

To control compilation you need to use variables. See Variables topic to learn more about variables and their types.

The most effective way to alter resulting help files with conditional compilation is to use variable presets. You can select preset from "Compile All" dialog or select it using parameters of command-line utility. The latter approach makes branding of your products easy as a snap.

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