"Screenshot capture" tool is under "Tools" node in the project tree view. This tool allows you to capture active window and part of background around it.

{%IMG sscreenshottool.png%}

This tool has the following parameters:

Mode - select whether you want to capture new image or recapture existing.

When capturing new image you need to select file name format and library category for that image.

When recapturing image you need to select which image to recapture.

Format - image format for newly captured image. Could be PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP.

You can also create new topics with capture images or append new images to existing topics. Choose this in "Options" group.

Background. You can choose size of background to capture and effect applied to background. For example you can add 30 pixels wide frame of background and blur it so main window will stand from the background. Optionally you can make active window to drop shadow on the background.

Hotkey - choose hotkey to use for capture. Put cursor in this field and press key combination to use.

Start - click this button when you are ready to start capture.

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