Helpinator is a single source Help Authoring Tool that allows you to create CHM (Compiled HTML Help) files, manuals in Adobe PDF format, RTF files and JavaScript-powered Web Help, all from single source.

Basic features

1. Create CHM, PDF, RTF and Website from single source.

2. WYSIWYG topic editor with full set of features, named text and paragraph styles and integrated spell checker. Insert tables, images, flash movies and etc

3. Built-in screenshot capture tool and image editor. You can store images in "Image Library", this allows you to manage images easily and reuse them in different topics.

4. Multilingual projects. Easy help project localization and communication with translation services.

5. Built-in templates for CHM/Web Help and PDF/RTF. Easy to use HTML template builder.

6. Everything you need (text, images, templates, variables) to compile help files is inside one project file or directory (in case of VCS mode).

7. Text snippets allow you to define commonly formatted pieces of text that you can reuse in different topics.

8. Command-line utility to use from batch files.

9. Conditional output with the help from directives and variables.

10. To Do and task management.