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Helpinator 3.7.4

Version 3.7.4:

  • Reworked screenshot capture, added optional mouse cursor capture, capture region and other improvements
  • Added WebHelp left sidebar styles
  • New CHM/WebHelp templates with synchronised UI styles for CHM and WebHelp
  • Bugfixes


Helpinator 3.7.2

Version 3.7.2:
– Added style selectors in the topic editor
– Added WebHelp companions – support for Google Analytics, Disqus and AddThis services. You can see example use in our WebHelp.
– Added styles for Step-by-Step Guides
– Now spellchecker language switches automatically when changing current project language.
– Bugfixes

Helpinator 3.7.1

Version 3.7.1:
– Added hyperlinks for shapes in image editor
– Added “Insert Image library” topic editor tool button
– Added “Insert Snippet” topic editor tool button and context menu item
– Added “Insert Code Snippet” topic editor tool button and context menu item
– Bugfixes

How to Use Code Snippets

Version 3.7 introduces new feature – “Code Snippets”. Essentially, “code snippet” is a formatted portion of code you use in your help file to show how to use your library, document API or something like that. Helpinator now has “Code snippets” manager, code editor with syntax highlighting and a new pseudo-tag to insert code snippets into editor.

Here’s how it looks like.

Code snippets manager. You can hide it from the tree and show again using the visibility control button on the left.



You can add, rename and delete snippets and also import them from the file.


Code editor looks like this:



It has cut/copy/paste/import from file toolbar buttons and syntax selector.


To insert code snippet into topic editor use “CODE” pseudo-tag like this:



On compile time Helpinator will turn a snippet into corresponding format. Here how it looks like in CHM:



And in PDF:



Image Tools

Version 3.6.3 adds new feature: “Image Tools”. It is under the “Tools” node in the project tree view.


For now it contains only one tool: “Move Images To The Library”. This tool allows you to move all embedded topic images to the image library, optionally converting them to the desired format (PNG recommended).



Later we will add more tools like “Resize images”, “Unclone” and more.