Helpinator 3.8.1

– Added editor context menu commands “Add to library” and “Open editor” for easier image handling
– “Insert snippet” command is now capable of inserting parameterized text snippets
– Added option to disable Javascript topic redirects in WebHelp
– bugfixes

Europe Anti-downturn Pricing

Helpinator launches campaign to support software developers from European countries that face serious problems these days. All summer long Helpinator Professional will cost only 30USD for the developers from Greece, Spain and Portugal. Contact for special coupon code.

Helpinator Copy Code Button

Q: Why there’s no “copy code” button for code snippets in CHM and WebHelp?

A: Incorporating “copy code” button requires some non-js code, Flash in particular, and that will make your CHM help files completely unusable because of security settings users may have. To copy a code snippet content from CHM file just double click it to select it entirely and click Ctrl+C.