QtHelp is Qt’s own help file format provided via Qt assistant. Helpinator creates all necessary project files and calls QtHelp compiler. But you need to install Qt SDK and then go to Main Menu->Tools->Options, select “Compilers” tab and enter path to the one of available desktop BIN folders (the one with qcollectiongenerator.exe)


JavaHelp is Java native cross-platform help system that can be deployed with desktop and web applications.

Helpinator handles all project xml and html files creation but requires JDK and JavaHelp SDK to compile resulting .jar file.

To obtain JavaHelp SDK visit this page: http://javahelp.java.net/

Once you have JDK and JavaHelp SDK on your machine, select Main Menu->Tools->Options, “Compilers” tab and enter paths to BIN folders of both packages. Then you are redy to compile JavaHelp!

New Delphi Contest: The Best Delphi Haiku

OK, our latest delphi-firemonkey contest was a complete fiasco 🙂 Almost noone likes Firemonkey and the direction Delphi is moving to. I was quite impressed with the amount of negative feedback filled with anger and frustration. Anger and frustration are not constructive and I think we need them to go out. What is the best way to let anger and frustration go out? Right, poetry! And wat is the best poetry genre around? Yes! English Haiku. You can read about it in this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku_in_English.

So, here’s another contest. Much more simple than the previous one. Let’s call it “Delphi Haiku”. Write a delphi-related Haiku, post it to our Facebook page and ask your friends to “Like” your post. The one who gets the most “likes” wins. The winner trophy is as simple as the contest itself – Lifetime “Helpinator” license plus 10 one-year licenses that the winner will be able to give away to anyone.

UPD. You can join at any time before September 30th. We will announce the results on 1st of October.


No fire, no monkey

Oh David I
Sweep away that corporate insanity
With your beard

Visited Delphi
Everything’s ruined
So true

Helpinator 3.8.2

In this update:

– Added text field to add custom tags to the HEAD section of WebHelp’s index.html
– Added PDF setting to control PDF Viewer default window layout
– Added option to export Anchors as subtopics
– bugfixes

Helpinator 3.8.1

– Added editor context menu commands “Add to library” and “Open editor” for easier image handling
– “Insert snippet” command is now capable of inserting parameterized text snippets
– Added option to disable Javascript topic redirects in WebHelp
– bugfixes