FREE Edition Upgraded to 3.5

FREE Edition of 3.X branch is now available:

Helpinator 3.5

Version 3.5:
– Added option to create styles for shapes and tables
– Added “Step by step guides”
– Reworked style editor
– Added new default CHM/Web help template with navigation buttons

Helpinator 3.4.1

Version 3.4.1:
– Fixed: reading additional template files in VCS-friendly mode
– Fixed: “export images” command when no active row in the list of limages

Helpinator 3.3

In this release:

– Added: categories in image library
– Added: screenshot REcapture
– Added: “skip topic” flags
– Added: Web Help header and footer
– Added: Language strings
– Added: option to disable project checkup before compile
– Changed “Image library” and “Topic List” interfaces, button layouts in other lists

+ Bugfixes

Helpinator 3.2.2

In this update:

– Added: smart indent like in MS Word
– Fixed: duplicate files of embedded images in Web Help
– Fixed: keywords order in Web Help

Helpinator 3.2.1


  • topic ID change problem
  • copy/paste from other applications
  • problem with CHM encoding when compiling with locale different from system default locale.

Note that compiling CHM with locale different from system default locale requires admin privileges.

Helpinator 3.2

In this new version:

– New “Tools” node in the project tree view. All project tools will be under this node.

– 3 new tools – “Context IDs”, “Screenshot”and “Global Spellcheck”.

Context IDs – allows you to alter context ID’s of all topics in the project.

Screenshot – this is a basic screenshot tool capable of capturing active window with part of it’s background, applying effects to background (like Blur or Pixelate) and “Drop shadow” effect. It stores captured images to the Image Library where you can edit them and add annotations. Also you can automatically create topics with captured image or append image to existing topic.

Global Spellcheck – with this tool you can check spelling in all topics of the project. The tool will show all misspelled words along with a list of suggestions.

– Spellchecker options added – now you can select which dictionaries to use.

– New dictionaries added – “Afrikaans”, “Bulgarian”, “Polish”, “Swedish”.

– Some speed improvements and bug fixes.

Helpinator 3.1 released

What’s new in this release:

1. New storage formats:
– single file, zip-compatible: *.hpz
– folder storage, project has many files stored in one folder – good for CVS
All data is now in plain XML format.

2. Global named styles. Now you can define formatting and use it in many topics.

3. Better HTML output. More compact CSS file and new Web help interface with “Index” and “Search” tabs.

4. Faster and better PDF output. Now Helpinator generates PDF files with hyperlinks – to other topics and sites. Table of Contents now consists of links too.

5. Cloned images. Now library image can be a “clone” of another library image. Cloned images share the same background. This is extremely useful when you need to add different annotations to the same basic screenshot.