Helpinator 3.11.6

– Now you can insert hyperlinks to external files
– JavaHelp version (1.X/2.X) selector added to global options
– bugfixes

  • We are using your trial version and absolutely love it. The one important thing we need your product to do is to display embedded videos. We have embedded, per your instructions, a YouTube video that we know is a public video. When we publish as HTML and open the page the video is supposed to display in, we get a blank page. We are ready to purchase, but if this can’t be made to work we will not make the investment. Please help!!!!

    • Hello!

      There’s a little trick – by default YouTube embed code goes without “http:” or “https:” prefix of the src attribute, so it plays only when opened from a website and does not play locally. Just put that prefix before “//” and it will work OK.

  • Hans Jørgen Bennedsen

    I have two weeks ago run a test of your product and have at that time problems with compiling CHM. I have to go via HTML Help Workshop.
    Now I have installed on my computer a new Windows 8.1 and your software to see if it works before I order.
    I have still the same problems, it will not produce a correct CHM file, it only give me the index, but no text and picture is showing in the file. I have tried using HTML Help Workshop but the same result.
    Is it legal to run the file from a network drive?
    Best regards
    Hans Jorgen

    • admin

      No, Windows security system blocks CHM files by default if they originate from network or Internet. You need to unblock it first. Right-click on the file, select “Properties” then click “Unblock” button.

  • Maoga

    Hello, I have been trying your software for almost two weeks now, I was wondering is there a way to generate the pdf file in Landscape format?

    • admin

      Please select root node of the project tree, “General” tab, click “PDF/Print settings”, then select “Page” tab, select “Landscape” from “Orientation” drop-down list. Note that you’ll need to redesign cover page of PDF template, by default it is for portrait orientation.