New Styles

Helpinator 3.5 features new style editor, for old text and paragraph styles and two new styles – for tables and shapes that you add in image editor.

On the left side there’s a tree with style groups and available styles. To edit a style you need to select it in the tree first.

Text and paragraph styles remain the same with the previous version.



Table styles are the new feature in v.3.5. You can use table styles to make all tables in your help project look similar. Table style contains such parameters as border width, style and color, cell spacing and heading row count. The latter is mostly for PDF/printed manual purposes because Helpinator repeats table header on each page if a table is split across several pages.


You can select table style when inserting new table using topic editor “Insert table” command.




Shape styles are another new feature in v.3.5. The purpose is the same – to make all shapes that you add to screenshots look the same, preserving color scheme. You can select background color, line color, line width, fill style, border style and font name/size/style/color for text captions.



You can assign shape style by one of the following ways:

  • by selecting it in the “Style” drop down list in the image editor. This will assign selected style to all new shapes.



  • or by selecting style in the shape properties dialog:



Additionally shape styles are used in Helpinator’s step-by-step guides to specify color scheme for step numbers added to the step images.